Thank you so much for visiting my web site. I am a physicist. I had the distinct opportunity of doing my graduate studies under Professor S.N. Bose of the Bose-Einstein statistics and boson fame. He helped me to get a glorious glimpse of the magical treasure trove of Nature’s deep secrets. Since then, I have been hooked on its enchanting lure and the search goes on. But I also live by the profound reality I have already learnt and focus on how to use it to improve the quality of our lives both by its application through technology as well as by exploring its deeper impact on our minds.

The stunning discoveries of modern physics and cosmology have uncovered a fundamental nature of reality, which is radically different from the daily perception of our tangible world. It reveals a totally counter intuitive abstract entity at the core of the primary layer of existence known as quantum fields. Each one of us is inseparably connected to this abstract entity and thereby to each other. Can you imagine what a wonderful world it would be if every man, woman, and child of this world was able to instill this inescapable truth in their consciousness?